How To Write Product Descriptions That Rank For Your Shopify Store?

The way you describe products in Shopify can make a huge impact on your income. Product descriptions must be simple and SEO-friendly. If we say SEO-friendly descriptions, it has to be engaging to both search engines and target customers. There are guidelines to label your products to rank in the Shopify store. Read on!

SEO-friendly Product Description Guidelines

To stand out in the Shopify store, make your product descriptions look smarter and in style. Buyers can simply compare products on the internet, so be on your best shot. The following tips on writing product descriptions may keep your business on top.

1. Identify the Target Market

We believe that every target audience has its own choices of products. There are many types of buyers in the market who are in need of various products. You can never give details about a particular product without having an idea who is your target customers.

Once you identify the market, it will be easier to know which product to sell. Understand the needs of your potential buyers to easily write a product description. Make it more personal by confronting their needs.

2. Use Brief Descriptions

Most buyers will not read long descriptions, so making it short is advisable. Present the key features of your products in a bullet form. You may also add the benefits your audiences might get from the product. Keep the descriptions informative rather than promotional.

It should be simple and readable for common users. Consider the plain language use by the target audiences. Better avoid using verbose words to support all ages of customers.

3. Be Genuine

Giving descriptions on products may sometimes be overwhelming. You might end up with exaggerated acclaims upon the product, which may seem a lie to others. Be honest in describing your products rather than telling lies.

Try to compare with the existing products in the market to be more reliable. The reason is people will expect what has been said. Disappointments of the buyers will bring up negative reviews about your products.

4. Attach High-Quality Graphics

The Shopify app offers thousands of galleries and icons to beautify your website store. A good store appearance will make you standout among the competitors. It is important to consider when writing a product description because the human eye notices them first.

Use high-quality graphics of your own to match your store’s style. It must already speak what your product is even before reading the description. Consumers are more impressed with products described directly.

5. Branding

Create your brand through product descriptions. Stick to it until your target audience finally purchases a product. Branding could be difficult at first, especially many business owners are engaging in Shopify.

Make the product descriptions memorable enough to discourage viewers from looking for another product. The product’s features must catch the attention of the buyers after reading it once.

6. Keywords Research

This tip is where SEO enters in. Search engines are scanning keywords rather than an entire paragraph. Google has its own keyword criteria due to several users of the internet over time. There are dozens of tools that recommend the most suitable keywords for a particular product. Pick the keywords that will result in high search volume, so be specific.

A keyword is composed of primary and secondary texts. The latter will support the idea of the primary keyword. It must contain the best feature, benefits, and usage of the product in a short text.

The main problem of using a keyword is stuffing. The keyword must only appear once in a paragraph. Some sellers include the keyword text at the start and end of the description.

Having an SEO-friendly product description is favorable to most sellers. It is easier to rank in the Shopify store following the techniques of SEO-content writing.

7. Use Meta Descriptions

Meta description must contain not over 155 characters. Within those characters are all the necessary details about the product. You may include the most-searched keywords in the description. They are written in a short paragraph.

8. Avoid Complex Grammars

Forming a product description does not count complex grammars. Online shoppers come from different ages and places wherein plain language is appropriate. No one would ever want to read tons of complex grammar just to understand a product. Even search engines will set the description aside. To top on the Shopify store, simplicity is more impressive.

Final Words

We can, therefore, say that in order to rank in the Shopify store, user-friendly product descriptions are necessary. Describing a product can be done in many ways just to please the buyers. Highlighting the most important details of your products, like features, benefits, and usages could be the best way to describe a product. However, SEO-optimized product descriptions can bring your store on top of the rank.

Reach more customers by simply creating readable and user-friendly product descriptions. Keep in mind the tips above in starting your business in Shopify. I hope you end up with the best choices of words to describe your products.

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