7 Simple Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Shopify Store

Steady growth with your Shopify store may be a good idea for a few months, but not in the long-run. Aim for bigger goals in earning profit through selling online.Growing an online business is so crucial with the presence of competitors, who are now using tactics to be on top. One tactic is to increase traffic for the online store.Let’s dig deeper on the topic below.

Why do online stores want to increase traffic?

When we say “traffic” in online business lingo, it means more sales or customers along the way. Online sellers are making ways to increase traffic for a single reason – to earn more.

In fact, customers visit online stores less likely than physical stores. That is a huge problem faced by most online sellers.Generating more traffic could be the remedy to the problem.

Read on to find out more tactics to drive more traffic to your Shopify store!

7 Tips to Get More Traffic on Shopify Store

The tips below are intended for Shopify store owners and even other e-commerce platforms.You may apply one or more tips to your store!

1. Simplify Your Store

One mistake of most Shopify owners is a poorly designed store. It may appear untrustworthy to some customers. There are available themes on Shopify you may use to organize the products by section.Choose the best combinations in designing your store.

2. Social Media Ad Campaigns

Not all online shoppers have Shopify account but the majority of them have social media accounts on various platforms.Be creative with your ad campaigns, especially when displayed on social media. People now deeply evaluate what they see on screen.

Here are three major social media platforms you should consider:

Facebook Ads

Almost everyone has a Facebook account, so it is a great avenue to increase sales. Whenever users see the ad, it will bring them back to your website. The ads will automatically generate on Facebook.

Instagram Ads

If your target customers are millennials, Instagram could be the best choice. It actually beats Google and Twitter up-to-date. Use its advertising platform and do not depend on the number of followers.

Pinterest Ads

Before someone buys something,he/she will check it first on Pinterest. Why not bring your products to it in the form of ads? There will be no hard times for them to look for a store none other than your Shopify store.

3. Giveaways

This tactic will boost traffic in a shorter time than the other techniques.Giveaways excite customers even more in exchange for their participation in buying your products. It affects both the current and new customers’ tastes.

It may involve social sharing on different platforms, thus helps to spread what you offer in a wider market.When your contest becomes viral, it will benefit your income.

4. Live Chat

Engaging the customers to your site through live chat is a different level of increasing sales.You can have a conversation directly with your audiences even on a screen only. Answering their queries and concerns will be more convenient.

Various live chat tools are accessible on certain pages. Some sellers use live chat to update their customers about their order status.

Live chats may increase traffic to your store as it can reach out to even prospective customers.

5. Content Marketing Program

Writing a blog post can help your store rank in search engines, thus results in more and more sales.You may feature a blog to your online store by using content marketing techniques. This action may also build a stronger community adoring your products.

Just be creative in creating content dealing with your products.Do not stop blogging, but explore more ways to market your store to a wider market.

6. User-Generated Content

UGC works for a general audience. You can notice samples of UGC in online selling platforms, like product reviews and recommendations. It can also be pictures of products. According to studies, more numbers of buyers trust reviews rather than the brand itself. They are more confident to buy a product that is already tested by users.

7. SEO-content

How can customers find your Shopify store? Since we are now living in a digital world, buyers now search for products online.It could be through Google or other search engines. One way to increase traffic to your store is to make it high in search results.

SEO will give you relevant keywords to use in advertising your products.These keywords will top the search results so that your store can reach more prospective buyers.

Most e-commerce businesses are using SEO to easily promote their store online.Other online platforms are under SEO guidelines, which makes searching for products a lot easier.

Final Thoughts

Getting more traffic is part of marketing tactics for your online store. The main goal is to turn casual shoppers into loyal customers later on. It opens more opportunities for the seller to get more audiences that could pay.

Increasing traffic might be difficult for growing businesses, but worth the time and effort.It will be all paid off in the latter months of operation. Do you any questions about the topic? Share your comments below!

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