8 Secrets To Selling Your Handmade Goods On Shopify

As technology makes our life easier and everything accessible, it also provides great opportunities for everyone. Whether you are at home or somewhere outside, it gives you unlimited access which you can use beyond your imagination and creativity. One of the best examples of convenience it provides is being able to start a business without the need to go out of your homes.

The impact of online shopping has increased greatly in recent years. It doesn’t only provide much convenience to the customers. Most importantly, it gives everyone the chance to share their creativity and earn money at the same time, especially for those who are into DIY or handmade products. So if you are one of those people who want to showcase their talents and try your luck in the world of online business, this article is for you.

Getting to Know Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that lets you create your store and sell both physical and digital products including your handmade goods. They provide various customizable templates that you can modify to meet your requirements. They also have additional apps that can help you manage your shipping, product monitoring, and customers’ concerns and requests.

Aside from these features, they also have the POS (Point of Sale) system. The POS system is a system that enables you to sell your products even in physical stores using only your android devices and IOS.

Tips on How to Sell Handmade Products on Shopify

Being one of the established e-commerce software nowadays, more and more people become attracted to using this platform. Though making it possible is just in the tips of our hands, there are still a few things that must be considered for you to become successful in this field.

Pay Attention To Shopify’s Faqs

Before getting started, you need to know what this software offers. Learn about the how’s and the unlimited services it provides. It won’t only help you plan your business effectively, it will also help you know more about the marketing, shipping, pricing and all the things that a beginner like you need to know in this field.

Create A Distinctive Store

Once you have already learned the basics, it’s about time you create your store. Shopify offers a lot of professional customizable themes that would suit your taste and needs. You have to remember that your store is the representation of your products so from there, start showing off your style and give them a glimpse of what you are as an artist.

Your store should be something that people haven’t seen in others. This will leave a unique impression on them and will make them think about your store a lot.

Establish a Good Customer Target

Who are you selling your products to? What kind of people are your products intended for? What are your customers’ needs?

Making your products as if they are personalized will make your customers feel your passion and care about filling their needs. To be able to do this, you should always think about who your customers are.

For example, if you intend to sell your products to people in the mid to late 30s, you should choose carefully the style, color, and purpose. In this way, you will surely make good sales for them.

Think About Your Pricing

The competition in this line of business will never be avoided. One of the things that make one store different from others is the cost of goods sold. To be able to compete fairly, make you’re your pricing is reasonable.

In setting the cost of your goods, you should include not only the price of the materials you used but only the cost of your time, effort and expertise. Remember that it’s a business and you are paid for your talent.

Post Honest Pictures

Another thing that matters is how you show your products to your customers. In the online world, building trust is difficult. The photos you show in your store set the customers’ expectations, so if you want them to trust your store, make sure to meet these expectations.

How can you do it? Use high-quality images. These should include a detailed close-up for the design and comparison to something for the size. If it’s a bag, for example, show a photo of someone holding or using it.

Be Specific About The Detail

Every photo of your craft should include a specific and enticing description –short but sweet- as they say. Think of the things that your customers might ask about your product and include them in your description.

You can also provide suggestions or recommendations as to where or on what occasions they can use these. This information will serve as a keyword for the customers to find your store. In this way, you are not only encouraging them to buy your products, but you are also helping them find your store easily.

Don’t Forget the Social Media

The social media has been the greatest influencer of all time. As a beginner, you would have a struggle in promoting your store as well as your products. One way of raising your presence is by connecting to others through SNS.

You can post information and show interesting pictures that would eventually lead them to your store’s page. You might also consider including keywords that would help them connect to your store better.

Be Passionate About Meeting Your Customers’ Needs

Put in mind that your focus isn’t only on making money but also building a good relationship with your customers. This is to establish trust and continuous support for your store. It is very important for them to feel that they are truly valued and cared for.

To do this, you must always be available to answer your customers’ questions about your store and your products. You should also be open to suggestions or recommendations because this will help you connect to your customers more. Moreover, it can help improve your products and services.

Final Say

Starting a business, as it involves money, can be scary and challenging. At the same time, it is also exciting and worth trying. So if you don’t want all your effort and time to be put to waste, think about your actions carefully and consider all the things mentioned in this article. Good luck and be successful!

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