How To Make Money Selling On Shopify?

Having your own business is a great deal these days. Many selling platforms are available online, like Shopify. There is no need to struggle with road traffic and have a daily grind just to earn money. You can now work from home by selling products of your own.We will show you how to make money selling on Shopify in a bit.

Shopify Explained

Shopify is an e-commerce platform where you can start an online store.It all started in 2006 next to eBay over the internet. The Shopify team will assist aspiring business owners along the way. They provide resource lists that are accessible for everyone, like guides, podcasts, and many more helpful videos.

Shopify can serve as an added sales structure to your existing business for enhanced services. It works for any kind of business, as long as legal.

Shopify Costs

You can begin with a 14-day trial in Shopify for free. This will prepare you for an upgrade later.

There are three upgraded plans to choose from – Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify. Of course, before making money you need to invest some costs. The cost will range from $29 to $299 per month, with decreasing online credit card fees.

The more costly the plan you choose to invest for more features to enjoy with.It will result in faster growth of the business with more revenue. So, better pick the latter plan.

Shopify Features

Having an idea of Shopify’s unique features will help you earn more money during the business.It makes running a business a lot convenient by just some clicks.

Shopping and Product Features

It is similar to the other online selling platforms. There is a shopping cart for products with added photos and descriptions. It also comes with email notification to remind customers when needed.The monitoring process is, therefore, enhanced.International sales are possible through the use of its multiple languages for a proper transaction.You may also decide on payment methods and shipping fees.


A website that is supported by SEO is better off. It will be easier to find by the target customers through Google.They have a sitemap in supporting your website for Google search.Without SEO help, earning of income is slower than you desire.


Shopify is equipped with several marketing techniques like coupons, gift cards, and discount codes. Email marketing is also possible through the MailChimp partnership. It also allows social media platforms like Facebook for marketing.

Staff Management

Even in an online business world, you can hire your staff members.Their access to the website is restricted only to what the owner allows.The hiring of online staff is advisable for larger businesses.

Easy Access

Customers may use their smartphones in shopping on your site. Most targeted buyers today have their mobiles, so it helps a lot in increasing your sales.


Make your website unique by choosing the best template possible in creating your business. Be sure to make it organize and easy to understand. A professional-looking website demands hundreds of cost. Start with a few products and then increase in number later on.

How to earn profit in Shopify?

To earn money, you need to sell something.Online selling became a great avenue for traders these days. They offer various products that are needed by the majority. Some sell unique products like everything under the sun. Whatever your products are,you have a place in Shopify!

Every seller must prepare a breakdown of income and expenses to monitor how much money is earned in a week or month. Results will not be feasible for the first month, but owning a Shopify store may change your life soon after.

Here are ways to earn profit in Shopify:

1. Drop-Shipping

Shopify lightens the burden on the part of the seller not to carry any inventory to the customer. A third-party is responsible for checking your inventories, from packaging to delivery. There will be no need for a warehouse, so you can work from anywhere.

Profit is sure of dropshipping after placing an order with a supplier. Your total profit from each customer is equal to the remains of your cost and customs fee.

2. Be a Blogger

Blogging is now monetized. You can earn money through successful blog content. It could be a way to reach out to more customers by sharing blog posts about your products. Any product can be published by means of blogging.

As a blogger, you are building a connection to your audiences. Do your best in earning your target market’s trust to finally drive revenue.Make your content friendly and unique as to other blogs.

3. Offer Out of the Box Products

Think about products that will not get obsolete by simply considering your target market. Buyers nowadays are looking for products that could satisfy their curiosity and needs.

Begin with a group of potential buyers, like pet owners. You may offer pet stuff for different dog breeds.Or, consider those vegan consumers by selling vegan-friendly products.Niche products will determine which market you must enter in the next operations.

4. Start a Clothing Line

Clothes are one of the people’s basic needs. Considering a clothing line as part of your business is a great choice.You can be creative as you are in designing garments.Custom-made clothing is popular these days.

Sourcing apps are connected to Shopify to help you out in starting a clothing line.They link your store to clothing manufacturers to simplify the entire process of production and selling.

Post quality photos of your clothing line on your Shopify website.Keep it real and mobile-friendly, as some buyers use phones in browsing your products.

5. Partnership

Join forces with other online selling avenues, like eBay and Amazon.Generating income will be much faster in partnership with the said online selling forces. Sync your Shopify account with them to monitor everything up-to-date. Everything will be easier when partnering with such platforms, such as order fulfillment.


The best thing about Shopify is making money while staying at home. Shopify is for everyone, even on people with an existing business. It is a great opportunity to earn extra income that you are completely in control of.Most business services can also be enhanced by paying a constant monthly fee while earning thousands of customers.

Be paid beyond your expectations through Shopify now!

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