8 Places To Sell Your Crafts For Extra Money

Crafts are like arts, crafts are combined raw materials into an artwork. Making artwork or crafting is challenging yet exciting things to do. It requires creativity and imagination to create and build extraordinary artwork from different materials. This is the best way to enhance your skills in arts. Crafting involves self-expression. Many artists create a masterpiece based on their feelings, experiences, and memories. There are many benefits in doing crafts, besides enhancing your ability in arts this may help you to improve your hand-eye coordination, self-esteem, and motor skills.

Crafting is an enjoyable thing to do. Nowadays many people invest in crafting not just their hobby making unique and handmade crafts but also as a business. This community has grown in past years, selling crafts artwork from local markets to a global audience online. Because of the spread of online store websites, this becomes a platform for those who love doing crafts and sell it for extra money.

Here are 8 online stores where you can sell your crafts


1. Alibaba

Alibaba Group was started in the year 1999 led by Jack Ma. This company believes that the Internet can be a playing field for small enterprises to innovate, grow and compete in domestic and global economies. Their website was first to launch helping small Chinese manufacturers and entrepreneurs to sell their product internationally then soon grow and expand into a global online market and mobile commerce. They still continue to serve as a company operates wholesale and retail online marketplace using the latest technology. Alibaba built a B2B transaction or the business to a business transaction where you can be a distributor to a business operator for your crafts and other artworks. They also allow creating a profile and posting products or supplies to sell.


2. eBay

eBay was established in 1995 as a marketplace for sale of goods and services for individuals. It built an online P2P or the person to person trading using the internet or the World Wide Web. eBay is known to auction site, they brought the buyers and sellers together where the sellers can list items for sale and the buyers bid on the items. They support handmade and homemade crafts where they used separate marketplace for sustainable items. This is fit for a handmade artist to display and sell their crafts.


3. Etsy

Etsy is an online shop where focused on marketing handmade and vintage items as well as unique factory products. They connect buyers and sellers in an online global market. The three entrepreneurs namely, Robert Kalin, Chris Maguire, and Haim Schoppik developed their first version of Etsy year 2005. But until now this company continue to grow. In 2016, the company has almost 1.7 million active sellers and 28.6 million buyers around the world. Etsy achieved to be one of the well-known craft-selling marketplaces. You can sell your craft artwork in Etsy by signing in, accounts here are free and they only have a small listing fee if you sold your items.


4. eCrater

eCrater is an e-commerce website builder. They don’t do an online auction business model rather they are equivalent of a shopping mall. As a website builder, they allow small businesses or sellers to create and register their own custom online store. Creating your own store in eCrater is free of charge and they offer a premium account that is optional for sellers. The eCrater.com stated early in the year 2004. They covered items like art, antiques, books, crafts, electronics, sports materials and many more. It’s a perfect platform for you to have your own crafting online store for free.


5. Handmade Artists Shop


Handmade Artists Shop started as a platform for a group of artist to have a forum and discuss their arts and talents. Where they can also display and teach their fellow artist and crafter some techniques. And sooner become not just the avenue of a forum but also a selling venue where you can sell your craft artwork online. They only allow unique and handmade artworks by their fellow artist. If crafting is your love you can join their group by simply signing in, this site is not free they offer a monthly plan, yearly and annually plan that fits your capabilities. This website guarantees you for safe and secure are to sell your handmade crafts and be a part of a growing community of real artist.


6. Folksy

Folksy is based in the UK, this is a place where you can buy and sell handmade or designed artworks from small and independent designers. They started back in 2008 and become a popular UK site for independently created and designed artworks with over 1 million euro in sales and 13,000 art makers. They support products like jewelry, clothes and other craft. Their site also includes forums and blog section because their goal is to spread and build a strong foundation for all the artist around the world not just in the UK.


7. Sourcing Handmade

Sourcing Handmade is a woman-owned business that mission is to help and support small business owners and entrepreneurs. They aspire to introduce individual handmade artist and indie designers in the global markets by displaying their product around the world. This company is now servicing many artists in almost 10 years. Which surely an outstanding website company that is expected in websites, blogging, SEO, and designs and many more. They also expand and organized as a virtual trade show online shop.


8. I Made It Myself

I Made it Myself website concept is from the concepts of a team of teachers who love and passionate about crafting. They made this website to have creative activities, workshops and master class for those who want to learn about crafting. Their mission is to provide better teaching to enhance creative skills and enjoyable experience. Until they expand to be a platform if free marketplace where all can showcase and sell their crafts to other buyers. You can have an account for free. They only get some small amount of fees and commission sales. This platform gives all the sellers freedom to designate prices to their items.

If you do love craft, this may be a good opportunity for you to be a part of a growing family of artist and showcase your talent to the world with by choosing a fit marketplace for you.

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