10 Shopify Tips to Designing Your Store

Is your retail business experiencing a mild slump right now? Well then, don’t make it linger too long. Because here are the best 8 Shopify design tips you can apply to boost your sales right here and now.

1. Do-It-Yourself

In this world full of creative minds, the method of DIY is the best thing to apply. Why not bring the best in you and cling to this Shopify tips for beginners to start to DIY your retail to a soon-to-be e-commerce store.

The question is, can you really DIY your e-commerce store right away even as a beginner? The answer is a big YES. How? Get your hands busy with designing your own store in Shopify today and make it possible. Their support team is very approachable to provide answers to your queries. You might need a little more time in learning, yet being hands on even on the design of your e-commerce store is surely worth it.

2. Pick a Theme

It is not just another advice included in Shopify tips 2018 because this one must not be taken so easily. One of Shopify tips and tricks to consider making your e-commerce store more appealing is to pick the most appropriate theme there is.

This tip is vital in order to create an outstanding e-commerce store design. The right theme will always make your customers at home in your store. Most of all, it can make your brand more familiar and influential to the audiences.

Bring out the most of your e-commerce store by adjusting the color and feel of your store. Make it match your brand’s vibe, authority, and attitude to create an original environment that can only be found in your brand.

3. Include Images

One image can equal a thousand words. Use stunning and eye-catching images just like those where you can find in various websites who provide high-quality stock photos. But, take note to choose wisely. Especially that people wouldn’t like it if you continually include photos that a little bit cheesy. Good thing that there are huge varieties of amazing stock images available today. Someoffersfree photos you can utilize.

4. Put an “Above-the-Fold”

When we talk about the Above-the-Fold, it is a particular thing the audiences see on your homepage before doing an action. It is best to consider what you truly desire that your audience will do the moment they visit the homepage of your store. Also, know what they need in order to create the best and the most relevant Above-the-Fold for your Shopify store.

5. Make a Clear Navigation

Simplicity is what makes the navigation bar of any webpage powerful and effective. Besides, there are a lot of busy people out there that may visit just to take a quick purchase on any e-commerce store in Shopify. More so, make the navigation as straightforward as your mother are.

To do this, you must prioritize routes that can lead your audiences to the most relevant places they want to be at the most. Best if you only place a maximum of seven links on your homepage.

6. Include Videos

You can also design your store with videos that can tell the amazing story of your brand. In fact, there are various brands nowadays that are using the advantage of video presentations to catch the interest of their audiences.

Videos are also best if you want to showcase an excellent demo of your product. This will surely create a great impact on the memory of whomever person views it.

7. Place a Shopping Cart

This is the very important tip to consider that can boost your sales in your upcoming Shopify store. Include a shopping cart that is easy-to-access for everyone. After all, the shopping cart is the most essential part of every e-commerce store page. Secure your possible profit by using a “slide-out” shopping cart available on particular themes in Shopify.

8. Put a Search Bar

Designing an e-commerce store is not just about aesthetics and attractiveness but also usability and convenience. In order to provide the last two and complete the essentials of an excellent Shopify store design, a search bar is a great way to wrap it up.

Help your customers access your large collection of items you must offer them a search bar on top of your homepage. In this way, you can let them enjoy exploring your lovable products and choose the best that can satisfy their needs.

9. Optimize for Mobile

Optimizing the mobile is one of the most important aspects of website design. And 80 percent of people are using their own smartphone. As a Shopify retailer or user xxpect a large portion of your customers viewed your site and products on their mobile devices, and which means, design your store accordingly because you need to make sure that images arrange nicely on smaller screens, the text is readable, and the site also is overall easy to move through.

10. Keep it Simple

It is tempting to list everything you have offer on the homepage at first starting a Shopify store whether it is your entire product catalog try not to overload visitors in giving information because you need to consider what the costumer feel when they visit your store.

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