How To Start An Online T-Shirt Business

As an aspiring entrepreneur, it is hard to find something that will trend in season or out of season. We all want for something new and creating different promos to be able to be in. It is very hard to start a business that is already existing and known, but there are a lot of things that we should know to be able to come up with new and fresh ideas.

I hope that this article will help you in starting your online t-shirt business, and to get ideas that will enlighten your mind. If you are trying to build something, you need to consider the following.


In starting your online t-shirt business, there are important things that you should consider:

1. Niche:

It is very vital to choose a nice for a successful business from the existing t-shirt business industry.

2. Design:

Always look for the good designs because no one will avail your shirts if it is a bad design. It only means that you need to conceptualize and think for the better complex designs and layouts but it will not cost a lot.

3. Quality:

This is the first thing that the customers or clients look for, it will include the good quality of the t-shirt itself and also the printing. Always give 100 % satisfaction rate to your customers for them to come back again.

Choosing Your E-commerce Platform

Nowadays, there are a lot of choices that are available anywhere for your selling platform. These platforms such as teespring become known today, however, this option is not good for you if you are trying to engage yourself more in branding and digital marketing. As you will go through with this platform such like teespring this means that your product design will revolve on teespring and not giving you choices in your own branding, it needs a deep conversion and analytics optimization.

If you really want about creating your brand or strategy and optimization or learn more in digital marketing, you will go for more customizable options. Shopify is one of the easiest platforms for you to be able to get started.

Choosing Printers/Dropshipper

Here are some considerations that you should know in choosing your printer or drop shipping partner in your online t-shirt business. Other considerations might include the quality of the t-shirt prints, shipping pricing, t-shirt or print pricing, and the t-shirts which are available to print on.

Choosing A T-Shirt

It is very important in selecting a t-shirt is the type, style and the quality it will depend on the availability of the printing or shipping partner that have been chosen to stock. Some will give a range of t-shirts in order to cover up several levels of price points and quality.

The USA brand American apparel is one of the best qualities of t-shirt however it will always depend on your capability to purchase it. Always consider that your customers should fill comfortable every time they are wearing your shirts. And make them fill that you value them the most.

Take note:

Before ordering for your stocks you should get some samples before you will decide to buy and I recommend you to check out for the review guides which are posted on the most popular t-shirt brands for you get started.

Mocking Up Your Designs

There are around hundreds of t-shirt templates that are available online both premium and free. Look for the designs that will capture the eyes of your customers and only you can turn their head while you are wearing it.

Follow up Learnings And Resource Roundup:

Here are the wraps up of everything that is above, all the resources that you can use for you to start creating your own online t-shirt store.

Start building your store with:

  • Shopify they are giving a 14-day trial for you to get familiarize with it.

Choosing the right t-shirt printer/drop shipper try the following:

  • Gooten
  • Merchify
  • Printful

In choosing a t-shirt blank, check this out T-Shirt quality reviews guide:

  • Picking The Perfect T-Shirt Blank

Here are the sample t-shirt designs for you to get ideas and make your own incredible designs:

  • Teeview
  • Redbubble Popular
  • Zazzle Bestsellers & Zazzle Popular
  • Snorg Bestsellers
  • Skreened Trending Shirts
  • Kickstarter T-Shirt Campaigns

If you want to hire a designer, try their services:

  • Behance
  • Dribbble
  • Freelancer
  • Elance

Or if you want to buy some designs from here:

  • T-Shirt Factory
  • Designious

If you are planning to sell your t-shirts you may check out for the general graphic design marketplaces, you’ll need to buy a commercial license.

  • Graphic River
  • Creative Market

You can found some mockup templates for your shirt designs here:

  • GraphicRiver T-Shirt Mockups
  • Design Bolts – 50 T-Shirt Mockups
  • Design Inspiration Magazine – 40 T-Shirt Mockups
  • (Web Based) Shirt Mockup


The ultimate challenge for putting up a business is our competitors as also financial assistance. You need to determine your motives, goals, and perspective in building your own business. We are so much happy if one day you’ll be one of the famous online t-shirt businesses in the world.

We granted that this won’t be easy however always look up for the things why you are pursuing it, what it’s the purpose, what give you the motivation to lean startup. And dream big, because not all we want will be getting just for an instance, it needs hard work, passion, commitment, and perseverance for everything you do. Always put God above all and He will give you the desires of your heart.

And now it is your turn to make your life full of prints from the different faces of problems that you might encounter as you go through. Do not stop believing, dreaming, always start creating and building something, start converting for something, start marketing for something. Always start. Because at the end of the day you will always reap the fruit of your labor and you will enjoy every tears, pain, and hardships that you encounter.

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