10 Easy Craft Ideas to Make and Sell Online for a Profit 

If you have trouble selling your products online, or if you want to start selling your own crafts but don’t know where to begin, then this article is for you.

Inceptive transactions of commerce are by making things from scratch, carving out a living by trading, and selling them online. But is there a success when you sell your craft online? Maybe.

In this article, let’s discover the things or craft ideas to make online that will surely gain you profit and success.

Are you ready?

Top 10 craft ideas for online shops

#1: Bathroom Soaps and bath bombs

With just one click, Google or other search engines could display tons of how-tos and tutorials that can teach you on how to make your own bath bombs, own soaps, and other beauty products and items at home. These results can vary from simple to complicated recipes like bath salts to formulations that require complicated compounds, preservatives, and emulsions. This craft idea requires low creativity requirements which is why it is important to focus on the branding.

Important tips:

  • Check your inventory because the natural ingredients used in soap like essential oil can be expired in a short period of time. Remember that bath bombs are fizzier than soaps.
  • Understand the basic chemistry of the beauty product or in case the soap you are creating. Investigate your raw ingredient sources in order to ensure that they are safe for the skin.
  • Always check your local government to make sure that the location of the production meets the health standard. This could be FDA guidelines for surfaces, air control, or ventilation.

#2: Printed Merchandises and T-shirts

Another popular craft ideas to sell online is creating a t-shirt or other printed merchandises. The increasing popularity of t-shirts and printed merchandise such as mugs, tote bags, and pet clothes inspire more and more people to invest in crafting their own designs for the product and sells them online.

Important tips:

  • Different support from charities, gyms, and musicians can supplement your t-shirt and printed merch business. For example, you can sell the branded product to a current or potential customer that could help to build the brand at the same time.
  • If you’re not a designer or doesn’t have the knowledge on the technical ideas on how to design products, you can visit online job sites to find a talent that will turn your t-shirt design ideas into reality.
  • Use fulfillment and printing apps that could integrate with the Shopify store in order to fulfill, ship, and print each of the customer’s order automatically.

#3: Jewelry

Ranges from low-tech like woven bracelets or beaded necklace, to skilled trades that require special equipment, tools, and techniques like silver smiting, jewelry is an ideal way to go. The business could exist on wide shops online, so you need to create a design that stands out and find a niche market to target.

A quality home-made jewelry because of its uniqueness. It requires convenient shipping which is considered an advantage for online selling. The material used for crafting jewelry may vary based on the person who crafts it but most commonly, it uses crystal, leather, polymer clay, beads, stones, and so on.

Important tips:

  • The fashion world is changing every minute, one day the beaded necklace is a trend and one day it is not. In order to make your crafts to sell, you need to validate your idea by researching and tracking modern trends in the jewelry industry. You could follow fashion blogs and influencers on their social media accounts or on the internet.
  • A good photography of the product is very important to attract a potential customer that could generate leads and sales. It reflects the overall quality of the jewelry, so you need to take a good shot using a quality photo camera.

#4: Candles

Self-crafted candles are a versatile product that can be sold any year. Candles offer a great gift idea for any occasion such as a wedding, anniversary, housewarming, birthdays, and so on. By purchasing and buying bulk scented oils and wax, you can create different combinations of scented candles in different shapes and size.

Selling DIY candles online is a great way to make money as it is never got out of style and trend. Like creating bath bombs and soaps, there is a wide range of tutorials and how-tos that are available on the internet even for novice candle makers.

Important tips:

  • As the crafting candles require extreme care, you should always use safety labeling in order to reduce the risk of unwanted accidents and fire.
  • Seek for a niche to make your product stand out in the crowded market.
  • Focus on the packaging or branding on the candles. This is because having a beautiful branding and strong packaging will play a significant factor in your candle’s saleability or profitability.

#5: Prints, paintings, decors, and arts

If the color, line, patterns, and textures are your passion, then investing yourself in doing artworks and having a passion for art will definitely help you obtain profit online. Most people enjoy unique artworks to display in their office or home. By art, it doesn’t mean it has to be painting only, it can be also photographs, fabric wall hangings, or other home decorations.

It is also popular in the online shop commerce to sell fine art or print reproduction like wall arts or decors. So, start creating drawings, set up your online store and showcase your talent across the world and start selling.

Important tips:

  • Since your artwork portrays your uniqueness and creativity, you have to make sure that your work is professionally photograph. You can do this by hiring professional photographers but if you’re on a budget, you can always use scanning machines to digitally edited or improve your artwork.
  • When reproducing prints like mugs, t-shirts, and cards, make sure that it is in multiple formats.

#6: Enamel-made pins

As of today, the trend in making personalized magnets, pins, or buttons is still continuously growing. So if you’re planning DIY enamel pins, it is not too late to jump in on the bandwagon. You can usually work with different manufacturers in order to make your designs and illustrations to become reality.

Additionally, key chains are also a good craft idea to make and sell online because simply – it never seems to go out of style, plus it can be useful too. From materials such as canvas, cloth, leather, and plastic, you can create beautiful keychains based on your customer’s illustration or want.

Important tips:

  • If you DIY-ing enamel pins, magnets, buttons, or key chains, you need to learn how to use Illustrator, Photoshop, or any digital image processing software.
  • If you’ve decided to choose overseas manufacturing, you should do your research about the manufacturer.

#7: Sweets

Crafting doesn’t always have to be about arts, decors, or prints, it can be also about baking pastries. If you’re a foodie, then making sweet delights and selling them online will surely sharpen your skills and showcase your baking talent across the globe. As food is always in the style, creating a virtual bakery online is a good idea to make profits with the thing you always love to do.

Make sure to photograph the delights such as cookies, bread, cupcakes, cakes, and brownies professionally in order to make your customer crave for your treat’s deliciousness.

Important tips:

  • Just like bath bombs and soap and sweets are foods, you need to carefully select all the ingredients you’re using for making the delights.
  • Always check your inventory for the expired on spoiled ingredients or products.

#8: Organizers

Busy people need something to organize and store their stuff like a household or office items. So making DIY small organizers with decorative patterns is another must-craft item that sells online. You could sell pencil holders, utensil holders, and decorative boxes for photograph storage made from either painted glass or wood.

Important tips:

  • Always make sure that you choose the quality materials to use in crafting the aforementioned organizers.
  • Durability and quality could affect the product’s profitability.

#9: Pillows and other sewn items

Printed pillows based on the personal preference of the customer is already gaining its stardom in the online marketplace. You can also create not just personalized pillows and make earnings from it but if you know how to sew, you can also create different sewn items. This includes pillow covers, pot holders, aprons, blankets, and so much more.

Important Tips:

  • Make sure that all the sewing materials and fabric you are using are high-quality and safe.

#10: Planters

If you’re a nature lover, then sharing your favorite plant’s store in a pretty vase or container is a great way to earn profits while of course, incentivizing your customer to go green. You can create unique plants that vary with different styles and tastes. Adding planters to the home or office can add serene and peaceful aura in the area.

Important tips:

  • Always check the plant’s liveability and survivability as well as its type.
  • When storing plants for shipping, make sure that it is stored and positioned properly in order to avoid any damage.


Turning your passion into the money-making hobby is an ideal way to showcase your crafts to the world with the benefit of having financially rewarded – the craft ideas don’t stop here. Experiment on the different trends on how to create products that sell online, get out of your comfort zone, and most importantly love what you do.

Always have an Eye of trends and use technology to get updated! Pretty sure you are on your way in building the right product and niche for you.

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