How To Start A Shopify Store In An Hour?

Did you know that you can start a Shopify store in an hour, without prior skills required? Read on to find out how! With only basic computer skills, you can begin creating a Shopify store for online business. Only a handful of businessmen will take a risk to start an online store on which most of them succeeded.

Most people fear it won’t work or get stuck in the middle of the operation due to inconsistency. However, those problems can be avoided even with a limited time of making a store online.

Are you now ready to start a Shopify store in literally one hour? Let’s get it started!

7 Easy Ways to Start A Shopify Store in an Hour

There must be no place of doubts in your heart to finish a Shopify store in an hour after this moment. We made it simple for you to follow. I hope you may gather some tips as well from the details below.

Here are ways to get started with your own online store within an hour.

1. Prepare Your Products

Think ahead of time what products will you sell on your online store.There are many prospect items online, so search for the products you want to sell.

2. Use Etsy

Human as we are, we want instant success especially in running a business. It is wrong thinking in just starting up a store online. You do not have to make things complicated at the very start, as it will take more than an hour to finish. The burden will be heavy in the long-run, so why not make things easy for now?

Etsy is a great platform to sell products online at a minimal cost. Target customers will be easier to reach out to. It has no monthly fee unlike the other platforms, and so perfect for beginners.

Most successful online store owners are starting with Etsy before upgrading to Shopify. Just download the product listings to a CSV file and connect with a Shopify account.

A quick storefront is necessary rather than a perfect-looking store. Begin with a single listing and see if you can sell it. Later on, optimize your store to attract more audiences to buy your products. Start simple.

3. Install Drop-shipping App

With the drop-shipping app, it will be easier for you to add products to your store. It also lessens the cost of shipping and other expenses, thus supports greater profit in the long-run. There are lots of drop-shipping platforms you can search for.

You can also explore some more products with this kind of app.

4. Create a Shopify Account

Once you decided to upgrade into the Shopify account, you may register a 14-day trial for free. Choose between three plans option later on. Go for the plan that will suit your budget due to its monthly cost. Fill the provided form with your store name and email address.

You can now set up how the store will look like with its pre-designed templates. It can be personalized by enhancing the theme you choose.It may be done after everything has been in place.

Up next, setting up payment options is in your control. There are wide ranges of choices, like PayPal or other payment providers.The more payment option you apply will be better to accommodate customer’s demands.

5. Apply Personal Creativity

All of us have a creative side. The most common barrier in starting a business is self-doubt and low self-esteem. Why say you cannot when you actually can? We are talking about personal ideas so that the starting point will not be as difficult as expected.

You can think of simple products to start with. It could be better to sell something that you can call your own, if not possibly sold. For example, are printed shirts or a mug with some written funny quotes. Your idea matters most here, so better think out of the box items.

Start with easy designs and turn into complicated designs once mastered the art of designs.

6. Print-on-Demand Products

If you are running out of ideas of what to sell in your store, consider print-on-demand products. These kinds of items are getting so popular these days, which the demand increases gradually. Designs will be printed on a product and will depend on your liking. Consider your target audiences in making your products.

In years ago, dealing with packing and shipping of products is very stressful. It is also very costly. Shopify has suspended those extra actions by the seller through a partnership with various manufacturers. The selling situation will be more organized and less hassle with the help of various design tools.

7. Use Microsoft Paint

Not all beginners know the advanced tools in design, and so Microsoft paint could be an alternative.You can start creating simple text-based designs with Microsoft paint with ease. No need to long for advanced skills just be creative in your own ways. It does not matter if you only use stick figures, as long as your audiences will know what you offer.

There are hundreds of photo editing systems online that you may use.This is only applicable when you have mastered the basics.

Another option is to hire someone on UpWork to do a more complicated design. It will cost you money, but it will help to increase your sales in the future. You can use the profit to continually hire a designer online.

But for now, start with Microsoft paint.

Final Words

Anyone could start a Shopify store in an hour! Shopify is an online selling platform that is completely perfect for beginners.Programming skills are not required to start an account, it only counts basic skills. There are Shopify courses you can apply to begin your own store, however, the above ways are a good way to start.

Shopify offers its users the freedom to create anything to support a business. It is equipped with easy-to-use tools to style-up an online store.In short, the selling platform is convenient for online businesses.

Do you have some other ideas on how to begin a Shopify store in one hour? Share it below and we will see if it will work. Thanks!

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