How to Start Selling On Etsy for the Complete Beginner?

Getting tired of being an employee? Maybe it’s time to step up the game.

Before getting started, what is Etsy?

Etsy offers a variety of products that are new and has a unique image in a global market. This is different from a usual online shop for it opens the idea of the seller to explore more extraordinary products and apply their creativity to produce an artifact.

Here at Etsy, you can sell whatever you love to sell without any pressure on your behalf. The team will guide you to start up the business thru an easy to follow steps.

First, think ahead of time about how your business will flow in terms of products to offer to let your business happened.

Did you know that you can join Etsy for free?

Let’s find out how!

8 Methods for a newbie to start selling on Etsy

1. Be aware of the sellers’ policy of Etsy.

  • Read carefully the seller policies before making an account.
  • Know the do and don’ts of the platform.

2. Make an account on Etsy

  • Sign up to “Sell on Etsy”.
  • An account allows you to open as many shop names as your business grows. There will be instructions that you will follow as you go on the process of setting up your business preferences.
  • Restrain changing information you provided because Etsy has its limitation in terms of customization. Be careful as you set up your account.

3. Set your identity

  • Name of your shop

Make it notable in a sense that it will catch the attention of the buyers mainly you are going to reach out to global buyers. Be firm when you have decided on your brand name because changing it takes a long period of time. Be guaranteed that your brand does not have a similar name to the other sellers by checking it on Google.

  • Name at least one of your products

To provide a background for the buyers of what you will bargain. This is vital for the beginners for them to be recognized. Listing a product will cost the seller 20 cents.

4. Things to contemplate

  • Add up to your product’s list.

Think about the unique products you could offer. Try to innovate the usual products present in the market to make it your original and more interesting to the buyers.

Show a brief description of your product and use a catchy title. You can also add up taglines.

  • Photography wise

Consider those buyers who purchase your products using mobiles; make sure that the resolution of the photo of the product you uploaded is visible and clear enough. Make it appear as to the actual product; do not fake its appearance by editing it entirely just enhance it by using Photoshop. Mention important details on the photo you uploaded to envision the buyers.

Consider the following:

  • Contemplate on the natural lighting effects
  • Choose a background complementing your product’s color and tone.
  • White background is highly recommended.
  • Make it artistic.
  • Take close-up photos with high resolution.
  • Pick the best angle in taking a picture. Prevent capturing your product in one-style angle.
  • Crop your photo appropriately.
  • Pricing

Let the price be suitable for the quality of the product you are selling. Set a competitive price in an affordable way. Take note of all your expenses to avoid any losses and sell your products according to your preferred markup.

5. Setting policies

  • Payment

Decide on what payment method will you take and inform the buyers as well. Ensure to the customer the safety of their payment. Both parties may agree to the method decided.

  • Cancellation of orders

Make a time interval when you will allow the buyer to return the product.

6. Polish your profile

  • Add description about yourself; make it brief but clear and convincing.
  • Share a story on how you are doing your business.

7. Download Sell on Etsy App on your mobile to stay notified about your agenda wherever you are.

8. Establish Facebook Page

This probably will reach out a wider market may it be your family, relatives, friends, and strangers.

To start a business, you need to invest cash. But in Etsy, there will be no starting fee. But then again, fees will be needed as the seller begins to sell its products; this includes those transaction fees and other processing fees. Etsy can be a safe platform for those who are complete beginners in the selling of products for the team itself will help them manage what has started.

Begin your own business here at Etsy!

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