Does Shopify Take A Percentage Of Sales?

Shopify doesn’t take a percentage of your sales on the platform. Instead, you are required to pay according to the type of plan that you have.

Before developing a store in Shopify, you have to decide on which type of plan will suit your needs. To help you choose and let you know about these Shopify plans, here are some of the information you may want to note about.

Shopify Pricing: Explained

Shopify offers Shopify Basic, Shopify, Shopify Plus, and Advanced Shopify. To avail the Shopify Basic, you have to pay about $29 per month along with 2.9 % and 30¢ in every transaction. If you choose the Shopify plan, you need to pay $79 per month as well as 2.6% plus 30¢ for every transaction. Shopify Plus, on the other hand, requires $2000 every month. Make sure to use Shopify Payments when paying for these types of plans to avoid added fees.

Using credit cards for payments will cost you to pay for extra charges. If you are not using Shopify Payments, you will also be charged for every sale you make.

Plan Breakdown Of Shopify

To give you an idea about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of Shopify plans, here is a comprehensive plan breakdown of every type.

Shopify Basic Plan

This type of Shopify plan allows store owners to sell a limitless number of products. They can also sell digital products like vouchers and coupons as well as track customer logins. They can also access the abandoned cart recovery features and print shipping labels. But since it is a basic Shopify plan, you can’t expect much from it. It doesn’t allow gift cards, it does not include an advanced report builder, as well as real-time carrier shipping.

With this type of plan, you will also need to pay a 2% external gateway for online transactions if you did not activate Shopify Payment. Shopify Basic can cost about $29 per month, but paying a year contract in advance will only cost you about $26 per month or $312 in one year. If you prefer to secure your contract for 2 years, you will only need to pay a total of $558. To get a 3-year contract, you need to pay $783 in advance or $21.75 monthly.

Shopify Plan

If you want to get an unlimited advantage when it comes to the number of products you want to share, this type of Shopify plan is ideal for you. Availing this type of plan also allows you to sell digital products and monitor your customer logins. Aside from that, you can also take advantage of the abandoned cart recovery feature as well as print shipping labels. You can also sell gift cards and make professional reports, which are not included in the Shopify Basic.

You are also required to pay 2.6% in addition to 30¢ per credit card transaction through Shopify Payments. For online transactions, you will be charged a 1% external gateway if Shopify Payment is not activated. The monthly fee for this type of plan is $79. If you will pay for an advanced 1-year contract, you can save about $8 per month by paying $852.

For those who want to secure a 2-year contract, you can avail it for only $1,518. This means you can save up to $15.75 every month. A 3-year contract, on the other hand, costs about $2,133 or $59.25 monthly.

Advanced Shopify Plan

To access the most advanced features of Shopify, avail the Advanced Shopify plan. It includes unlimited product placement, print shipping labels, and you can also sell digital products. It also includes the advantage of monitoring your customer logins and abandoned cart recovery. Unlike Shopify Basic, you can sell gift cards and create professional reports using your account. You can also access the advanced report builder of the platform and enjoy real-time carrier shipping.

If you are using Shopify Payments, you are required to pay about 2.4% plus 30¢ for using a credit card. The advantage is, using this plan will help you pay less and enjoy more of Shopify’s features. The additional transaction fee for transactions will only cost 0.5% external gateway if your Shopify Payment is not activated. The monthly payment for this plan is $299.

Availing an advanced 1-year contract, on the other hand, will cost you $5,640. For a 2 year contract, the advanced payment is $5,640. Securing a 3-year contract will cost you $7,884, which means you are like paying $219 every month for 3 years.


To sum it up, Shopify won’t take any percentage of your sales. You will only pay for what features and advantages you choose in the form of a plan. If you choose the Shopify Basic, you are expected to pay $29 per month.

The Shopify plan, on the other hand, costs $79 per month and if you want to enjoy all the features of the platform, you will be charged $299 monthly. Before creating a store, make sure to choose carefully if which plan is suitable for your needs. Getting the wrong plan will cost you more than what you could imagine.

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  1. Your article isn’t right: “Shopify doesn’t take a percentage of your sales on the platform … If you choose the Shopify plan, you need to pay $79 per month as well as 2.6% plus 30¢ for every transaction.”

    Shopify either does or doesn’t charge a percentage for sales, and you’re *literally* saying it does, right after you said it didn’t.


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