7 Christmas Marketing Ideas For Your Online Store

Leaving Cyber Monday and Black Friday behind, we are now heading to the 2nd biggest sales event of the year— Christmas season!

Christmas is fast approaching and all those online shoppers are all set and ready to splurge and have a shopping spree for the most festive and merriest season of the year!

So, you need to take advantage of this year’s holiday shopping season since the spending behavior of shoppers keeps on getting strong!

However, while online sales continue to increase, there are some sellers and marketers that still fail in making the most out of that growth! More and more people are getting to know the convenience and comfort of online shopping, however, what Christmas marketing ideas do you need to try in order to have an actual sale?

I have just the solution for you! These brilliant Christmas marketing ideas will definitely make your holiday marketing campaign a sure success!

1. Redesign Your Site For The Holiday Spirit

Every year, when the holiday starts rushing in, you will see commercial streets, visual merchandises, and storefronts with fancy holiday ornaments and bright Christmas lights!

This redesigning is also true to online stores! A brand makeover during the Christmas season is always a great idea in order for you to stand out from the crowd. It is a great strategy to remind your shoppers that you are set and ready for this holiday season.

2. Develop A Holiday Gift Guides For Online Shoppers

The holiday season is all about sharing festive and happy memories with friends, families, and colleagues. And that easily translates to exchanging gifts!

However, how many times have you has so much difficulty in shopping for the best Christmas gift for your co-worker, partner, best friend, mom, dad, kids or even for yourself? Hard, right? IT’s the same for all buyers!

So, try to create an online holiday gift guide for your holiday marketing campaign. Not only does it help your shop but it also helps customer skip the difficult process of looking and searching for the best Christmas gift possible!

3. Launch A Christmas Specific Marketing Campaign

Christmas season is the perfect time for you to increase your email marketing strategies, with focused campaigns in order to highlight particular offers and products, share relevant and important information with the season, like an extended trading hour or limited time offers that create a sense of urgency.

You can also highlight unique items which are not available from renowned stores with general discounts to entice your shoppers.

4. Reward Your Social Media Fans

Depending on your audience, you might know that your social media followers are your best brand ambassadors and most engaged customers. So, why not thank them by offering exclusive items to your social media platforms.

And even though coupon codes and digital coupons work best on brick and mortar business and online stores, you can still offer print-at-home coupons which are only promoted on social media.

You can also create a landing page which offers unique items and discounts which can also be promoted on social media.

5. Publish Useful, Christmas-Themed Videos

The holiday season is the perfect time to post relevant, short videos which can help customers without being too promotional.

For instance, you can identify items in your inventory that because of their shape or size, can be quite difficult to gift-wrap. You can film demonstrations on how you can wrap them easily. Similarly, if you sell several flat-packed items, you can publish videos which demonstrate how you can easily assemble them.

Keep the videos short if you intend to publish them on social media sites.

6. Organize A Holiday-Themed Contest

It is great to get your buyers to be involved in some of your events. You can do this by doing a contest. Specifically speaking, make a contest which requires them to do more than just spending a particular amount with your business.

You can ask your audience to submit a video of themselves singing Christmas songs or a picture of themselves wearing classic Christmas outfits— with a prize for the best and worst contestants.

All entries need to be posted on social media accounts, and even though you can link such contests to in-store purchases, this marketing idea is about having fun and generating publicity.

7. Strategically Place Impulse Buys Around Your Store

Online stores need to incorporate a recommendation or suggestion system in their online store, highlighting products that are related to the customers’ products on their carts. During the holiday season, it can be adjusted to contain gift tags, gift wraps and smaller gift items as gift suggestions.

You might have already impulse buys at all pay points, however, make sure that these are more suited to the Christmas season, instead of being generic impulse items.

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