10 Shopify Mistakes To Avoid

Are you new to start an e-commerce business on Shopify? Right after opening a Shopify account, it might turn overwhelming as you go into deeper customization. Anyone could boast how easy and simplethe platform is.

Like any e-commerce platform, making mistakes along the way is so possible. Knowing such common mistakes on the Shopify website will save your business, big time.Check below the 10 Shopify mistakes to avoid as quick fixes do not work at all times.

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Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid On Shopify Website

1. No Branding

The recognition of your business greatly depends on a professionally designed logo. Without it may make or break the business’ image in the market.You will fail to gather the desired number of customers without a business logo.

Some potential logo designers are widely available that demands lesser cost. Go and look for them.

2. Too Large Images

Image sizes will dictate the performance of your website.Larger images might slow down its performance in which most customers hate.

Managing the platform’s theme helps to load all the elements quickly. There are online applications that compress images for the web.

3.Vacant About Page

The About Page contains the “why” of your business wherein most sellers leave it blank. It is a big mistake to do so as the audiences keep an eye on this page.It discusses the company’s mission and products directly to the customers. Focus on the business’s advantage over its competitors.

No one would want to read too long paragraphs or information that has no connection to the business.Keep it concise and easy to understand.

4. Non-Uniform Theme Color

The website’s themecolor must be properly matched with your store. Non-uniform theme color will render confusion on both sides. For example, the same color should feature all the clickable links.This makes a more consistent shopping experience for the customers.

Review the reliability of theme color on your shop in every site’s configuration to not miss a thing.

5. No Customer Reviews

Online buyers depend on what the prior buyers say about a certain product to buy one as well. Social proof is a big help to grow an online business. Providing a review section on Shopify is so easy, but most sellers neglect to do it.

Past consumers must be encouraged to leave a review through email campaigns and incentives.Some sellers offer a discount in exchange for a review. That works so well for some. Do not ever fake social proof to withstand the company’s reputation.

6. Unutilized Shopify Payment Method

Several payment options are what most buyers look for. It increases the possibility of more checkouts done by the customers. Examples of payment methods are PayPal, credit card, Amazon Pay, and many more.

It must take one-click to pay for the orders because that was the purpose of an online shopping platform. Too much process may result in an unfinished sale or abandoned cart.

Shopify considers the seller’s personal preferences in pricing their products. And so, payment method selection is all up to the seller.

7. High Shipping Cost

No one would want to spend much on paying shipping fees.Shipping costs must not be more than 20% of the product’s cost. A very expensive shipping fee can be reduced through product costing. There is a flat rate for shipping fees amounting to $10 or less in which more customers are comfortable to spend.

Free shipping is another strategy that is very effective in reaching huge customers. Another technique is by increasing the product’s price with lower shipping costs.

8. Lacking Mobile Integration

Every buyer lives with their mobile these days. That is why most sellers are entering the online platform to gain more customers. According to studies, smartphone shopping reaches 63% of e-commerce sales.

Operating your business will require you to go with the trend. In designing your Shopify theme make sure it displays well on mobile. I am talking about the quality of images you are uploading as well as the convenience of scrollingwithin your shop.

Make a mobile-friendly platform your priority thereof.

9. Blank Metadata

First-timers on Shopify may not be familiar with Metadata which results in huge mistakes in the long run. It is not easy to understand. Metadata has an effect on search engine results as it appears at the browser bar on top of the page.

Metadata is the most important element that SEO requires. It helps to introduce your business to the bigger market through search engines. Leaving it blank will be a great loss on your business.

Go on the Online Store and click the Preferences panel to make changes. Fill out the homepage with a well-written and SEO-certified metadata. By then, changes in your selling patternwill come out. The written description will show up on Google search and other searching engines.

10. Disregarding Site’s Soft Launch

Grand online opening is different from an actual business opening, but it is equally important. You can start with a limited number of audiencesto launch your online shop.This provides so much advantage to your business comingfrom the small set of feedbacks, well at least the business starts to progress.

Undergoing a soft launch will make it easier to advertise your shop in the future of earning many customers quickly.

Final Words

Overall, Shopify is an excellent place for new and experienced online sellers, but making mistakes are not gone astray. Seeking for professional’s help is the best way to have a smoother operation through the years.I have realized that mistakes can be avoided initially by just seeking for help.

There is nothing wrong with that. E-commerce concerns are dealt with with expert’s help.The above-list talks only on the simplest mistakes you may encounter on Shopify. But, those simple mistakes may turn to bigger ones if not taken into action.It won’t cost you a penny to avoid such inaccuracies.

Feel free to ask questions below. I am so willing to help you out!

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