10 Best Items to Dropship and Sell in Your Online Store

Are you one of those entrepreneurs who is lacking ideas what other unique items to dropship and sell on their online store? Or maybe you are one of those budding entrepreneurs new to the dropshipping method and searching for their very first items to sell and create an impression on customers. Well, you have come to the right place! I am here to give you an idea of the trendiest items to dropship and sell this year.

But before we go there, let me ask you one thing:

Do you know what dropshipping is?

No? Well, here’s a brief explanation:

Dropshipping is having an online store without inventories.

Uh, so, HOW can I sell items without inventories?

Simple. You add items to your online store and when someone buys a product, a third party or the manufacturer will then finish the job. From packaging to shipping and delivering the product to the customer’s doorstep.

Unlike traditional online selling where you will need to:

  • Buy products in bulk
  • Manage an inventory
  • Figure out where you will store stocks
  • Packaging products
  • Take care of shipping and delivery process

Dropshipping is a lot more simple and hassle-free. Instead of purchasing products in bulks and worrying if they would sell or not, in dropshipping method, you can change your inventory whenever you want— add trendiest items or remove those that do not even sell in just a few clicks.

Run your dropshipping business anywhere in the world with just a computer and an internet connection!

Top 10 Items to dropship and sell on your online store

Online shops have been really famous in the past few years, no one can deny that! Who would not love an efficient and hassle-free processing of purchase? And with the flourishing demands on online shopping, there are so many great items that you can sell online.

However, with online shops as many as the grains in the beach, choosing the best items that can bring your own store success can be overwhelming due to a large selection of products which can make this a difficult task.

My advice? Go for the trendiest and newest items that stand out from the crowd.

It does not matter whether you have been running an online store for years or a total beginner, I am sure that you will achieve success with these top items to dropship and sell this 2018!

Here is the list of your head start!

1. Gold Plated Flowers


Even though it is already March and the “heart” month already pass, it is never too late to offer your loved one a flower. Giving flowers to the one you love is a classic romantic gesture. However, unlike living flowers that wilt, this gold-plated flower signifies an everlasting love and perfect for any occasions— Anniversaries, birthdays or when you just want to surprise her.

Some online merchants that added this to their store are now seeing success. You can have that success too! You can promote this to your audience with a well-thought, romantic campaign.

2. Choker Necklace

Choker necklace became the trendiest and searched products by millennials for a while now. And it is quite certain that it will continue to do this year.

If you have an online store for women fashion and accessories, then these choker necklaces should not be forgotten. These choker necklaces come in a variety of unique designs, colors, materials, and styles that will surely boost your sale until next year.

3. Animal Rings

In general, pieces of jewelry and other women accessories are a good niche for dropshippers. But, with so many fiercely competitive online shops to overcome, it is essential that you only have unique products in store.

And this is why animal rings are taking a position on this list.

You have seen many designed rings, from silver to large rocked-gold. However, it is a fresh idea and will help you stand out from the crowd with animal rings. People can use this rings for casual and fun occasions. Also, these rings are relatively cheap.

A quick suggestion, if you plan to have this animal rings, you can create bundles of other minimalist rings to offer your customers that will entice your customer and produce more sale.

4. World Map Watch

A watch is a classic item and will never go out of style. This world map watch, however, offers a fresh and modern twist that makes them a great addition to online store that sells accessories. These watches are unisex, trendy and more likely that your customer base has never seen one before making them a great product for dropshipping.

5. Moon Lamps

Moon lamps have been taking the lead for the unique dropshipping items and will surely make your online store stand out. Searching for a unique item, such as these moon lamps, is important if you want to take charge of the homeware niche since there are already numerous popular brands.

However, nothing is impossible. Offering your customer base with something as unique as this, they will surely click that purchase button in no time. Moon lamps are currently not that popular, however, in the near future, it is expected to take the market to storm.

6. Phone Accessories

With the growing technology, there are hundreds of new mobile devices launched every year. The industry of phone accessories is said to reach a $107.3 billion market cap by the year 2022. With new mobile devices every year, the creation of different accessories for newly launched mobiles will keep on coming. Earphones, chargers, repair kits, screen protectors, grips and fabulous phone cases will continuously be popular.

So, watch out for unknown, unique and newly designed accessories for mobile phones that can attract customers to your online shop.

7. South Korean Fashion

Ever since the exposure of South Korean culture— food, dramas, music, beauty products and fashion— the world is more and more attracted and always on the watch for the latest happenings. Korean fashion— may it be clothing or accessories— were loved and will continuously influence many people.

So, if you have an online shop that features men or women fashion, the South Korean style will never go out of style. Plus, they keep on creating fashion varieties that suit many people’s taste and usually cheaper than most so better check on their latest fashion trends to make your customers keep on coming back to you.

8. Elephant Pillows

We’ve seen countless designs and styles of pillows. Hotdog pillows, pillows with printed pictures, but most of all, animal-shaped pillows. Dogs, pandas, bear, cats are the most famous animal-shaped pillows. They may look adorable, but they have become common. Elephant pillows, on the other hand, are increasing in popularity. They are also perfect for cuddling children. These elephant pillows are hard to find and fairly cheap than most animal-shaped pillows.

9. Multifunctional water bottles

For fitness enthusiast and people on the go, typical water bottles are a necessity. These water bottles, however, does not only hold water or juices but also has a hidden compartment for supplements or pills.

These innovative multifunctional water bottles are increasing popularity for its use. These items are light, cheap and have a specific customer base which is great for targeting marketing campaigns.

10. Makeup brush cleaners

Makeup has been on the market ever since. Makeup brushes and accessories have an increased demand every year. Once a month, around 61% of women clean their makeup brushes. However, it is challenging since most do not know how to clean them. Now, makeup brush cleaners are now available. It helps in simplifying the cleaning process that allows women to have a regular cleaning of their makeup brushes.

If you run a beauty shop, makeup brush cleaners must have its place in one of your categories. Although most women do not even take time to clean their makeup brushes, with a good marketing strategy, this item can help spread awareness and hygiene to all girls out there that can lead to increase of sales.


These are just the top 10 best and trendiest products out there. There are so much to out there to choose from. Choosing the perfect product to sell is only a part of the equation. The other part is how to market them attractively. If you have any more items in mind feel free to comment below. Until then, happy selling!


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